Cheesy, Crunchy, Roast Beef Sandwich

I received a package of HORMEL® NATURAL CHOICE® Smoked Deli Ham in my Hormel box this month. I’m not all that big on deli meat… or ham… but this smoked stuff is pretty good!  It was suggested I try frying it, but I guess that would be have to be for another time…


Then I remembered Hormel also sent me a coupon for a free deli meat, so I picked up this Deli Roast Beef.  Mmmm… roast beef.


And you know what we ended up making?  Our super famous (well, not exactly… totally made it up right now) Cheesy, Crunchy, Roast Beef Sandwich!! Oh, and of course you can use the ham instead… I just prefer roast beef.

Because… mmmm… roast beef.


You’ll need some sliced bread.  King’s Hawaiian sliced bread has always been my favorite! It’s so buttery and flavorful… I snack on it on its own sometimes. 🙂


1. Arrange your deli meat on a slice of bread like so (Optional: Spread with mayo or other sandwich spread of your choice)…


2. Add plenty of cheese. I used extra white sharp cheddar cheese… omigosh my favorite.


3. Top it off with your favorite potato chips! Mine (at this very moment) is Pringles Loaded Baked Potato!


4. Gently smash it down a little and grill on medium high skillet for about a minute (or until the cheese starts melting). Then carefully flip over and grill until bread is golden brown…

Quick and easy to prepare… and it’s so yummy and fun to eat!!!  Enjoy!!!



I’ve partnered with Hormel Foods as part of their Extended Family Blogger Program. While Hormel Foods provides me material and necessary resources to complete various activities, all statements and sentiment in are my own!


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