Pastillas De Leche (Filipino Soft Milk Candy)

pastillas de leche

Every once in a while, my mom brings us these sweet, Filipino candy from the Asian store, or from friends/relatives visiting from the Philippines. They’re so soft, creamy, and yummy… omg I’ve enjoyed them since I was a little girl… and I was so happy that JRoc fell in love with them right away! So in love that he finished an entire bag before I realized grandma brought us some… *sad face* lol.

Being that I am one who must know how to make all of her favorite eats herself (homemade always taste so much better… plus, you can make much bigger quantities at one time – whenever you want!!), I immediately searched around for recipes, and after a few mix/match trial & errors, I think we’ve found our favorite Pastillas de Leche!

We even shared some with J’s grandma & grandpa and they scarfed it all down before we even sat down to chat. (Proving yet again, that both my parents’ appetite is strong in this one…)

Warning: If you choose to roll & wrap these babies up individually, the task is time consuming. Well, I actually used that as “clear Carmen’s head” time and I came out a better person when I was finished (hahaha)… but normal peeps who are able to clear their head without having to stand in the kitchen for hours, rolling a sugar & milk mixture into wax paper… may find this a bit tedious.

Pastillas De Leche (Filipino Soft Milk Candy)

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  • 2.5 cups powdered milk I used Nido
  • 1 can 14 oz condensed milk
  • sugar for coating


  • Combine powdered milk and condensed milk in a bowl until smooth.
  • Set aside for about 15 minutes before shaping.
  • Shape into mini logs and wrap pastillas in wax paper.
  • Enjoy!
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